Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes


DELETED SCENES  Original screened cut - the reshoots
 Young John Connor 1998
 Ramos dog
 Dani and Diego walking on the street
 Longer truck chase
 Sarah on the side of the road
 Dani Ramos mourning father and brother
 Future war flashback - Extended Dragonfly sequence
 Future war flashback - Med room
 Future war flashback - Grace in bunker
 Future war flashback - Dani sending back Grace
 Sarah explaining killing many terminators
 REV-9 visiting internet cafe
 Sarah in the back of the truck
 Fight against federallies / crossing the border
 "I can see you're very upset"
 Carl's cellphone app
 C5 exchange
 Extended parts
ALTERNATE SCENES  Carl's entrance
 Carl's Sunglasses
 More gross damage to Carl
 End fight reshoots
 Alternate endings

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