Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

The message
T1 omitted scene

Scene description
A longer message was given by Reese to Sarah. With the message was a hint that would play an important role.

Reason cut

The message contained a hint for Sarah which would lead to the destruction of the Terminator by Sarah.

Scripted, but not filmed (?).

The Terminator treatment, July, 1982:

Treatment part 1 - The message with the hint

All that Kyle is telling
her is a result of briefing by Connor, who had been told
of present events by her.

There is only one direct message from her son, which Kyle
has memorized to give her:
"Thank you, mother.  You have borne me and taught me well
and in a way I will have borne you and taught you.
The future is not irrevocable, but depends solely upon
your will.  There is no fate but what we make.
You must be strong... stronger than you imagine you can
"And," Kyle says, "he said to give you this message also:
'You must wait to strike until the red eyes and the green
eyes meet.' That's all."
"What does it mean?"
"He said you'd know when the time came."

Treatment part 2 - The life-saving hint from the message

The cyborg tracks her, clambering through behind her,
dragging its body.  It spots Sarah wedged like a trapped
hare in the back of a tiny crawlspace.  There is no way

It crawls the last few feet, eyes bright and red in the
Right in front of Sarah is a small control box with a pair
of green lights above two unlit red buttons.

Water pours into her eyes.  Something she should
remember... Something about eyes...
Hypnotized, she watches the Terminator reaching toward her
with one outstretched hand.
Sarah's eyes are crazy now... she's over the edge.
In that infinite instant the terror no longer matters, is

She sees the red eyes and the green eyes and they are
moving into alignment as the cyborg moves through the
Its hand reaches for her throat, to crush out her
miserable human life and end its long mission.

It comes even with the switchbox, with the two green
lights.  Sarah screams through clenched teeth.

She hits the buttons beneath the ready-lights with both
hands and the massive hydraulic press thunders down, the
tons of mechanical pressure flattening the cyborg's head
and body like tin-foil.

In the wreckage a pinpoint of red light dwindles and goes

The steel fingers have frozen an inch from Sarah's throat.
Close up: Sarah.  She can only stare, shivering as the
water runs over her.
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