Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Extended future flashback
T1 omitted scene

Scene description
In the movie we see that Sarah falls in sleep in Reese's arms and dreams about the future. This future flashforward was originally longer and showed us that John Connor saved Reese from the infiltrating Terminator.

Reason cut

Really cool extended scene, too bad it isn't filmed. This omitted scene also puts more relation to John and Kyle, and perhaps another reason for Kyle to protect John's mother Sarah.

Scripted, but not filmed.

The Terminator treatment, July, 1982:

Sarah finds out that Reese actually has a first name,
Kyle. She asks him why they sent such a young guy.
He describes being raised in the aftermath of the fall of
civilization.  He has known only a life of unceasing
combat for survival against the machines.
He has been trained since boyhood in the use of weapons,
explosives and vehicles, living on hate, like a rat in the
ruins of the cities.
He shows her an electronically imprinted number on the
inside of his forearm, a souvenir of the death camp from
which he was freed by one of Connor's squads.

He looks up, suddenly alert, at the distant barking of a
dog. He tells her the dogs are what saved them from the
Reese lets his gaze drift with the helicopter searchlight.
Sarah's eyes slowly close as he talks on.
His voice fades as the helicopter's roar is brought up,
sequeing into a vision of the future.

Pan down from the lights of an aerial patrol craft to
moonlit devastation.
White ash blows in drifts among fire-gutted ruins.
Blackened bones lay everywhere in heaps, a ubiquitous,
crunching ground-cover.
People in rags scavenge for unburst cans in the rubble.
Searchlights sweep the night constantly.

A flying machine like an advanced chopper fires tracers
into the ruins a few blocks away.

Gleaming chrome Hunter-Killers grind through the debris of
the shattered streets on their tank-like tracks, flashing
read and blue lights. Their heads turn slowly, playing
high-intensity lights over the buildings.

Reese is among a squad of men in black fatigues, carrying
equipment and energy rifles.
They run low between hulks of cars, and down a long tunnel
into an underground parking structure.

They are met at the entrance by two armed sentries with
dogs, and the men are passed through one at a time as the
dogs check them out. Beyond is a large gathering, a
meeting of a major resistance cell.
At its center the commanding figure of Connor stands
conferring with his staff.

Off to one side are a number of family groups.  Children
are huddled around an old TV set, seen from behind, its
glow bathing them. A reverse angle reveals that the set
has been gutted and a small cookfire crackles inside the
Nearby a gaunt kid has a large rat cornered and is
whacking it with a stick.

The uniformed men, including Reese, deploy to guard the
perimeter as more men arrive, wearing mismatched uniforms
or only rags, and armed with laser rifles, shotguns, sharp
Each arrival must pass the canine scrutiny.
Suddenly the dogs go crazy.
An arriving man, rag-dressed and innocuous, drops his
shawl to reveal an enormous energy rifle.
He begins blasting into the crowd, running toward Connor.

"Terminator!" someone screams.
The Terminator throws concussion bombs.
Beams sear the darkness.
Part of the roof collapses.
Fleeing children are burst by stray powerbolts.
Everything is lit as if by lightning.

Reese leaps for the cyborg, firing, and is cut down.
Impressions implode on him... of running feet, flashes,
screaming, energy beams raking the ground. Someone is
dragging him away. Connor.
The hellfire glare is unbearable.
Survivors flee into the labyrinth, some taking relic cars
which date from before the Big Nuke... old nineties and
eighties models.
Reese is loaded into one.

Reese lies crushed in the back seat as the car backs
toward a tunnel.
He fixates on an image as they pull away: an abandoned
child bawling amid the inferno. Beyond it, an injured dog
stands barking, lit stroboscopically.

Reese awakens to the sound of a dog barking far away.
It is light outside.
Sarah is asleep in his arms.
Was it his memory of the future or her dream vision
inspired by his narrative? She opens her eyes and gazes
at him with understanding. It was both, then.
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