Hope Of The Future
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Terminator has to eat
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The Terminator has to eat to keep its skin alive.

Reason cut


Scripted, but not filmed.

The Terminator treatment, July, 1982:

Treatment part 1 - after killing the first Sarah Connor

Some kids who have gathered nervously at the curb step
back as he walks out, gets in the car, and drives away.
He pulls a Milky Way bar out of his pocket and eats it as
he drives, in two bites, without removing the wrapper.

Treatment part 2 - Reese explanation during the car chase

"See, this Terminator's not a guy, it's a machine.  It's
made to look human so it can infiltrate."
"If it's a machine, how could it bleed?"

He pauses to swerve onto a freeway on-ramp, which a
pursuing squad car misses in a lateral slide.  He winds to
110 on the freeway and answers:
"It's called a cyborg really.  Cybernetic organism.  A
machine put together with a living thing.  The skin, and
some layers under it, the hair, the surface of the eyes,
and the inside of the mouth... all that stuff's human
tissue, genetically designed for the cyborgs.  But
underneath it's all steel and titanium.  Hydraulic
actuators instead of muscles.  Controlled by a
microcomputer.  It has to eat and breathe to keep the skin
alive, though a lot less than us... and there's a little
tiny heart and internal organs about the size of a
chicken's in a recessed compartment."
"This is insane."
"Yeah, tell me about it.  See, it sweats and has bad
breath and feels totally human, so it can infiltrate real
well.  I mean, they still used the 600 Series Hunter-
Killers and the other 'roach patrol' machines but..."
"I don't believe any of this," Sarah says.  Frantic.
She seems about to scream.
"Yeah, well that's OK.  But that doesn't mean it isn't
happening.  You've got to accept and understand what this
thing is.  It can't be reasoned with, it can't be
bargained with, it doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear...
and it absolutely will not stop, ever, once it has been
targeted.  Unless it's destroyed."

Reese exits the freeway and blends into street traffic for
a while, abiding the law until he can find a place to
switch cars.
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