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Arrival 2nd soldier
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Scene description
Instead of one there were two soldiers sent back to protect Sarah Connor. With the arrvial the second soldier, called Sumner, dies because he was materialized in the same space occupied by the fire escape structure. In the script the soldier dies before he can talk to Reese, but in the original treatment the other soldier tells Reese to go without him and then he Reese helps him out of his suffering.

Reason cut


Scripted, but not filmed.

The Terminator treatment, July, 1982:

Treatment part 1 - the arrival

KYLE REESE is wracked by spasms, shivering and panting
from physiological trauma.  The rain drenches him as he
staggers to his feet and looks around.  He runs unsteadily
to a nearby fire escape.  On the first landing he crouches
beside another naked man who appears entangled in the

A closer look reveals that the man has been pierced
through the abdomen by the horizontal slats and through
the shoulder.  He was materialized in the same space
occupied by the fire escape structure.  He grimaces in

"Reese, you OK?" the wounded man gasps.
"I'm out of it."
"You know what I have to do," Reese says grimly.
"Don't waste time on me, just find her."

The man sags into unconsciousness and doesn't struggle
when Reese presses the palm of his hand firmly over his
mouth, pinching the nostrils closed, and waits.

When it is over, Reese descends to the alley floor and
crosses to the stuporous drunk.

Treatment part 2 - Reese talks to Silberman

Reese is left alone in the interrogation room with DR.
PETER SILBERMAN, a criminal psychologist looking somewhat
crusty-eyed and put-upon at 3:00 AM.
Silberman convinces Kyle to answer some questions on the
basis that, with Kyle incarcerated, it may improve Sarah's
chances for survival... since that is his purported
In the ensuing conversation Reese explains more about why
Sarah is in jeopardy.
In the future, in 2026, the tide of battle has turned
against the electronic genocide, in favor of the human
resistance fighters.  As a desperate, last ditch maneuver
the computer has used a prototype of a time-displacement
field generator to send one of its infiltration units into
the past to kill his enemy before he is even conceived, by
killing his mother.
Connor's forces captured the time field laboratory too
late to stop the Terminator but, by tracing the
coordinates used, were able to deduce the plan and send
back two men to intercept the assassin.  At this point the
experimental equipment was destroyed to prevent recapture.
There will be no further help, interference or contact
from the future.

Silberman is fascinated.

The Terminator script, Fourth Draft, April 20, 1983:

Script part 1 - the arrival

7       EXT. FIRE ESCAPE - NIGHT                               7

        CAMERA MOVES WITH REESE as he leaps to the fire escape and
        clambers up to the first landing to crouch beside another
        NAKED MAN who appears to be entangled in the ironwork.  The
        man is contorted with pain as his screams die to a shivering
        gasp.  CLOSER ANGLE reveals that he has been skewered through
        the abdomen by the horizontal iron slats and through the
        shoulder by a railing.  He has materialized in the same
        space occupied by the fire escape structure.  The figure
        slumps, motionless.

        Reese quickly checks for signs of life.  The man is dead.

        Reese descend to the alley floor and crosses to the drunk
        huddled in the doorway.

        A pair of flamboyantly dressed women, obviously working
        girls, passes by the alley mouth.  They do a double take
        when they see Reese, but walk on without breaking stride,
        completely jaded.  He's certainly not a potential customer.

        Reese crouches down as if to speak to the drunk.

                      Say, buddy...did you see a
                      real bright light?

                                               CUT TO:

Script part 2 - Reese talks to Silberman


                      ...it had no choice.
                      The defensive grid was
                      smashed. We'd taken the
                      We'd won.  Taking out
                      Connor then would make no
                      difference.  Skynet had to
                      wipe out his entire exist-
                      ence.  We captured the lab
                      complex.  Found the...what-
                      ever it was called...the
                      time-displacement equipment.
                      The Terminator had already
                      gone through.  They sent two
                      of us to intercept, then
                      zeroed the whole place.
                      Sumner didn't make it.

                      Then how are you supposed to
                      get back?

                      Can't.  Nobody goes home.
                      Nobody else comes through.
                      It's just him and me.

                                               CUT TO:
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