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One of the very early story ideas for T2 was to have a good T-800 Terminator fighting a bad T-800 Terminator, both having the same Arnold Schwarzenegger appearance.

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Interview with James Cameron from The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day (by Don Shay and Judy Duncan):

There are a lot of ways you could have gone with a sequel. What was the evolutionary process that led you in this particular direction?
It was important to me from the beginning that we do a true continuation of the story. Bill and I discussed a lot of ideas, one of which was a "two-Arnold" concept in which there would be a good terminator and a bad terminator, both played by Arnold. Two things turned me away from that concept: First, it felt gimmicky; and second, I knew that, visually, we would have to do something to distinguish the "good" terminator from the "bad" terminator. It would have meant having Arnold in appliance makeup for the whole five months of the shooting schedule --and I didn't want Arnold Schwarzenegger cranky with me.

Do you think the 'two-Arnold' concept would have worked dramatically?
It could have. But we began to realize that if the audience was going to root for the good terminator, his adversary had to be more threatening and more powerful than he was. But then we were faced with a dilemma --what is bigger, stronger and more terrifying than the Terminator? We couldn't just build a bigger hydraulic machine, because that would stray too far from the basic concept of the terminator as infiltration unit. What is the point of imitating human beings if you imiate them in such a laughable noticeable manner that they no longer work as infiltrators?

Later on in The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day (by Don Shay and Judy Duncan), a conversation with William Wisher:

Though the shape-changer was always the favorite concept for the film's new villain, Cameron and Wisher explored other possibilities as well. One was Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a dual role as both the good terminator and the bad Terminator. "The biggest disadvantage of that idea was that the bad terminator wouldn't be any bigger or any more deadly than Arnold --because it would be Arnold-- so where was the threat? Another idea we kicked around was that of a female terminator--kind of an 'Arnold versus the Bitch' idea. But that seemed almost comical. So we came back to the original concept of the shape-changer."



The Making of Terminator 2 Judgment Day by Don Shay and Judy Duncan. Titan Books, 1991.

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