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Terminator Movie Songs

All the songs that were played in the movies.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Dwight Yoakam - Guitars, Cadillacs
Written and performed by Dwight Yoakam
Played in the bar where the Terminator gets his clothes.

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad To The Bone
Written by George Thorogood, performed by George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
Played when the Terminator walks out of the bar.

Guns N' Roses - You Could Be Mine
Written by Izzy Stradlin and W. Axl Rose.
Played on the radio John's friend Tim carries with him on their motorride.


Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Dillon Dixon - Open To Me
Remarkable enough, the song "Open To Me" by Dillon Dixon was nowhere to be found in the movie, but was featured on the official soundtrack. Fans guessed why this song was on the album but not in the movie. Speculation was that this song could be used in a scene that was cut in the editing process. However, after a short mail exchange with the folks of Varèse Sarabande Records (the music company that released the T2 and T3 soundtracks), they told me:
"The bonus song was written by Marco Beltrami and was based on a theme used in the Terminator 3 movie. The song was never used in the movie."

Mia Julia - I Told You
Written by Mia Julia Schettino.
Performed by Mia Julia.
Produced by Greg Wood & Maurizio Moricci.
Can be heard in the scene where Kate Brewster and her fiancée Scott are shopping for their wedding.

Blue Man Group feat. Gavin Rossdale - The Current (3:51)
Written by Goldman, Stanton, Wink, Dyas, Gleitsman.
Performed by Blue Man Group featuring Gavin Rossdale.
Blue Man Group appears courtesy of Lava Records.
Gavin Rossdale appears courtesy of Atlantic Records.
Also remarkable with the official Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the absence of "The Current," a song performed by Blue Man Group featuring Gavin Rossdale. This song was contributed to the movie, appeared in the end credits and a videoclip even aired on TV (of course also to promote the movie). Why this song is missing on the official soundtrack is hard to say for me. I guess it has to do with the rights and the different musiccompanies that are involved (although the "The Current" single is part of Warner Music Group).
The song comes from the album "The Complex" from Blue Man Group.

"The Current" is written by Goldman, Stanton, Wink, Dyas and Gleitsman. Released by Blue Man Group Publishing. Recorded at Blue Man 3rd Street Studio, N.Y. Mixed by Andrew Schneider at Chung King Studios. Produced by Todd Perlmutter & CMP. Additional production on "The Current" by Tom Elmhirst. Post production directed by Johnny "D" De Mairo. Executive producer is Jennie Willink. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Studios, ME.

The Current (Advanced Mix) (3:48)
The first version of "The Current" is performed by Blue Man Group and Avram Gleitsman. It even made it onto the Advanced Copy of Blue Man Group's album "The Complex." It was soon know to the Terminator fans as "Advanced Mix," simply because it only appeared on the Advanced Copy of "The Complex."

The Current (Album Version) (3:51)
With the release of the "normal" version of Blue Man Group's album "The Complex" came the Album Version. This version features the appearance of Bush singer Gavin Rossdale instead of Avram Gleitsman. Unlike the Advanced Mix that started with the drumbeats, this version starts with a roaring guitar. Every single and promotional single has this version.

The Current (Video Version) (3:57)
This is the version that aired on TV. It is similar to the Album Version except for the inclusion of an extended drumbeat intro from the Advanced Mix and not the roaring guitar intro from the Album Version. It is never released on any album or single.

The Current (Todd Terry Tee's Freeze Mix) (6:44)
A remixed version of "The Current" by Todd Terry. It has a more dance-like approach. The rock feeling from the original version has disappeared. Additional production and remixes by Todd Terry.

The Current (Blue Radio Mix) (3:51)
Like the title already says, this is something like a version for the radio. It is not so 'heavy' as the normal rock version, and has a little bit of dance-like approach. Still there is more rock present than in the Tee's Freeze Mix. Additional production and remixes by Todd Terry.

The Current (Armand Van Helden Club Mix) (8:40)
One of the two remixed versions by Armand van Helden. It uses the same words from singer Gavin Rossdale, but repeats only a small section of these words many times, and mixes these in a dance-like beat. Also, the rock feeling is completely gone.

The Current (Armand Van Helden Dub Mix) (7:58)
The second remixed version by Armand van Helden. I can't say much about this version because I have never heard it.

The last two versions are only released on VINYL. The video version can be heard in the music video clip. The other songs can be found on various CD and single releases.

Village People - Macho Man (3:30)
Written by Henri Belolo, Jacques Morali, Peter Whitehead and Victor Willis (as Victor Edward Willis).
Performed by The Village People.
Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group.
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises and Courtesy of Scorpio Music, S.A..
This song is played in the stripclub where the T-850 Terminator acquires all his clothes.
An extra fact I want to add is that an Extended Mix of Macho Man exists. Duration 5:16.

William Randolph III - Dat Funky Man (3:13)
Words by Jonathan Mostow.
Music by Peter Beckett.
Performed by William Randolph III.
Produced by Peter Beckett for Right Hook Productions.
This hilarious song can be heard when the T-850 Terminator is shopping in the gasstation store. Too bad it isn't on the soundtrack, specially since T3 director Jonathan Mostow wrote the words for it.

Peter Beckett - Sugar
Words by Jonathan Mostow.
Music by Peter Beckett.
Performed by Peter Beckett.
Produced by Peter Beckett for Right Hook Productions.
It's unknown where this song is played, but it was listed in the credits.

Peter Beckett - Party
Written and Performed by Peter Beckett.
Produced by Peter Beckett for Right Hook Productions.
This song is played just before the Terminator enters the stripclub.

Mega Jeff - Can't Hide This
Written by Dawn Fintor and Jeff Richards. Scott Sadlon and Buck Sanders.
Performed by Mega Jeff.
Produced by Mega Jeff & John Wells.
It's unknown where this song is played, but it was listed in the credits.

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