Hope Of The Future
Deleted scenes

Lt. Traxler's arc - part 3
T1 deleted scene

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Scene description
The two police officers see the black car of Sarah's kidnapper drive by and they leave the place to follow them. This is where the chase for the police starts.

Reason cut
From the Special Edition DVD of The Terminator:
"Also cut were a series of moments placing more emphasis on the involvement of police detective Lt. Traxler (Paul Winfield) and wisecracking Sgt. Vukovich (Lance Henriksen). The early scenes were originally intercut with the Tech Noir sequence, but were excised to keep the focus on the main trio of characters. Most significantly, the last pair of scenes, which take place in the police station, show Traxler's growing realisation that Reese is telling the truth."

Director James Cameron's audio commentary from the region 1 Special Edition and the region 2 Ultimate Edition of The Terminator:
"I was very fascinated by those secondary characters. We shot a whole bunch of stuff that we didn't use. It's not that the film was runnning too long. It's that we were taking too long getting to the point. We were creating a kind of suspended mystery. We didn't start answering those questions untill Sarah got into the car with Reese and he started going, "This is the deal. We're from the future. There's a war. Machines are running the show." Until you get to that point, there are only so many questions and unfilfilled moments that the audience can juggle. And the interests of good storytelling we had to get to that point as quickly as possible. After that, let it play out at whatever pace that made sense. In the editing process, a film comes to life and takes on its own life. Once it has that beating heart, it starts to make up its own rules and you have to follow the rules of the film. And Terminator's internal rule set dictated that we put the throttle down to the firewall and you hold it down. And you only back off when you need to, to make a very specific dramatic point. We didn't want to back off for a character moment that wasn't based on the main characters. Once we learned that, it dictacted what stayed and what went. That scene of Traxler dying and giving Reese the gun, which is the moment in which is clear that Traxler has seen the future. He believes what Reese said. Is it important to the story that Traxler believes what Reese said before he dies? No, it's not. It makes him a better character, but I don't think it improves the story. And probably that was the kind of decision-making process that went into removing that scene."

Five interesting parts that show what the police officers have been doing after Sarah's phonecall.

The footage of this scene can be found on the Special Edition DVD's and the Ultimate Edition DVD of The Terminator.

The Terminator script, Fourth Draft, April 20, 1983:

110     EXT. STREET - NIGHT                                    110

        ON VUKOVICH as he runs to his car, exhorting the nearby
        LAPD guys to give pursuit, while Traxler grabs the radio.

                     Go!  Go!  He's got her.

                     Suspect westbound on
                     Olympic.  Grey sedan.  Has
                     hostage, repeat...

The Terminator script, Fifth Draft, March 19, 1984 revision pages:


PANNING WITH SEDAN  as it roars past Traxler, the gathering minions of the law, the
burning building, an arriving fire truck...
shoots through a red light and continues to accelerate.

ON TRAXLER as he runs to his car, exhorting the nearby LAPD guys to give suit, while
Vukovich grabs the radio.

Go!  Go!  He's got her.

...Suspect westbound on Olympic.  Grey Ford.  Has hostage, repeat...
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