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Scene description
After the Terminator kills the first Sarah Connor, he calmly leaves and walks unbothered to 'his' car, while the neighbourhood screams in terror and runs away from him.

Reason cut
From the Special Edition DVD of The Terminator:
"This scene, presented intact from the film, was originally followed by the Terminator's calm departure. This moment, cut due time constraints, not only shows the cyborg's complete indifference in the wake of performing its mission in a crowded neighbourhood, but also represents virtually the only portion of Schwarzenegger's performance that was omitted from the film."

Director James Cameron's audio commentary from the region 1 Special Edition and the region 2 Ultimate Edition of The Terminator:
"I don't remember what the pressure was if there was actually pressure to make the film shorter. I think there's always a sense that if that if it is not playing as well as it can, it will play better shorter. We shot that scene of him walking back to the car and the intention was to show he could commit in cold blood murder in broad daylight, on a suburban street, and he would walk out unconcernedly, not in a hurry, not like an animal running, not like typical criminal behaviour. Just walk out because he did not care. It turned out not be the best way to progress the story."

A nice scene that demonstrates that the Terminator is an emotionless killing cyborg.

The footage of this scene can be found on the Special Edition DVD's and the Ultimate Edition DVD of The Terminator.
This sequence also appears in the scripts for the movie and in the novelization by Randall Frakes and Bill Wisher.

The Terminator script, Fifth Draft, March 19, 1984 revision pages:
He methodically fires four more rounds into the body OUT OF FRAME below.

Turns and walks away past the terrified child in the driveway.
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